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Gary Jones gives his predictions for emerging home improvement trends that we will see in 2018

Gary Jones, Managing Director of Glevum, knows a thing or two about home improvements having improved over 40,000 peoples’ homes

In this blog he looks at some of the home improvement trends that he expects to see emerge this year.

1. Replacement doors and windows. Many of the earliest homes to have UPVC windows and doors are reaching the stage where they will need to be replaced. “We expect to see a surge in demand as these early products start to fail and people realise the full energy saving and security benefits of installing the latest products”, commented Gary.

2. Bright colours will become even more popular. “We are seeing an increasing trend in people wanting their home to reflect their personality and individuality. One way that people are choosing to do this is to pick something other than what was once the standard white front door”.

3. Replace the roof, not the whole conservatory. “Whilst many people find appealing the idea of a glass roof for their conservatory, it can sometimes mean that the conservatory can be either too cold or too hot to be used all year around. Last year solid roof conservatory upgrades were one of our most popular products and we only see that trend continuing in 2018”.

4. Energy cost increases will become an increasingly important driver. “The energy efficiency of new windows and doors has improved massively over the years. This combined with ever spiralling upward energy costs will in my opinion prompt many more people to upgrade. From 1st April 2018, new rental properties coming onto the market will have to achieve energy efficiency ratings of E or above and this could also prompt a lot of landlords to consider upgrading their windows and doors” concluded Gary.

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Darren Stevens
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