What makes a house feel like a home?

Whether you live in a house or a flat, a mansion or a bungalow, the one thing they all have in common is four external walls. Beyond this simplistic fact, things get a lot more complicated, particularly when you consider what makes a house or a flat feel like a home. Ask anyone and you are likely to get a different view, but in this blog, we have identified some of the most common themes.

Those personal touches

Whether it is those family photos, treasured items from trips abroad or the overall design style we have created – these all put our own personalised stamp on things. These personal touches also immediately make us feel at home and avoid a flat and impersonal feel. They also have the capability to give our mood a lift in those long dark winter days.

The experiences we have there and the memories we make

Our homes really come to life and help create memories by the experiences we have there. “That” party, a special or memorable visitor, those all-important milestones. Some rooms of course lend themselves to being the backdrop to these moments more than others. The dining room, where friends or family got together for that special meal for example. Here at Glevum, our customers tell us again and again that once they have their Conservatory it often becomes their favourite room of the house and the “go to” part of the home to socialise in.

The feeling, or mood it creates

This one is quite magical and the trick to achieving this is more often than not in the design and overall look and feel. Warm and cosy, bright, fresh, and airy or vibrant and alive are just some of the feelings and moods that a home can create. Ask yourself how your home makes you feel, and do you want to change that feeling?

Connecting with nature

House plants are one of the most common ways that homeowners look to achieve this. Brits spend a staggering £529 million on house plants each year. What better way though of connecting your outside space with your inside space than a conservatory. You can enjoy your garden all year round sat inside your conservatory and protected from the elements.

Feeling warm and cozy

Warmth is one of our basic human needs, certainly when it comes to being comfortable and being able to relax. It is no surprise then that when homeowners are asked what the crucial decision factors are when choosing a new home, 82% say they want central heating and 80% say double glazing.

The fact that we feel safe there

This one of course depends on factors outside the home as well as how secure the home is. This why property websites have crime rates as one of their key measures for comparing different areas. Much of the feeling of being safe though and our home being our castle comes down to good secure windows and doors. 74% of potential new homebuyers cite secure windows and doors as key things they look for in a new home.

Our pride in how it looks

A certain kitchen, bathroom and DIY company has coined the phrase “housebarassment” in their ads. This kind of hits the nail on the head (pardon the pun) as if we don’t feel proud about our home, we won’t feel good in it and won’t want to invite others in.

Look around your home, think about how deep down you feel about it and what you want to change. If doors, windows, a new conservatory, or conservatory roof upgrade are on the list then visit www.glevum.co.uk or call 0800 332255.

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"I have been delighted with all aspects of Glevum Windows. They were tremendously helpful in helping and advising me on choosing the best style of window to suit my old property. The appointment to fit the windows and door was prompt. The installers, Danny and Damion were exceptional. They were quiet, very very tidy, I no mess to clear up, and so pleasant. Glevum were so professional from the start, and I would recommend always. Thank you!"

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