How To Make The Most of Your Outside Space

Posted on August 1, 2016

In the world of property, outside space couldn’t be any more valuable. Access to a private outdoor area has the power to transform the way we live. From playing with the kids in the summer to cultivating our own fruit and veg, having a garden opens up all manner of possibilities.

All outside space may be valuable, but not all outside space is created equal. Getting the most from your garden or patio takes a touch of imagination and a healthy dose of elbow grease. Here, we explore some simple methods of brightening up your outside space.




Hire A Pressure Washer

Hard gardens can quickly look tired and worn. Whether it’s mud from your flower beds or moss and mildew from a wet winter, all kinds of muck can build up on your patio over the course of the year.

The easiest way to bring a shine back to your garden is to hire or borrow a pressure washer. Modern pressure washers make light work of cleaning up tiles and brick walls. In just fifteen minutes, you can achieve impressive results, transforming the look and feel of your outside space.


Build A Conservatory

For many people, the reason they don’t spend a great deal of time on their garden is the weather. Why work all year round to enjoy sitting outside for only a few months in the summer? The sentiment is easy to understand, but there is another option.

Building a conservatory is a fantastic way to get the most from your garden all through the year. There may be rain showers passing through and the temperature may be in single figures but a generously glazed conservatory allows you to enjoy your garden, no matter what. Snuggle up with a good book and enjoy the view of your gorgeous snowdrops.


Create Beds

Whether it’s fruit, veg or flowers that you opt for, growing plants is one of the real joys of a garden. Not only is it rewarding to bring plants to life, but their presence can transform the aesthetic of your garden.

Potted plants are ideal for smaller gardens, or those which don’t see a great deal of sunlight, but any serious gardener will relish the chance to have their own flower beds.


Fit New Windows

We’ve already touched on the importance of being able to enjoy the beauty of your garden from indoors. Not everyone has the space to build a conservatory, though. One simpler, and more affordable, alternative is to fit new windows. With modern glazing and the right frames, the view of your garden could be better than ever before. There’s also the added benefit of lower fuel bills!


Add A Splash of Water

Bringing water into the garden can make it a much more dynamic space. It can also help with attracting wildlife. How you choose to do it will depend on the size of your outside space. While we don’t all have room for a swimming pool, smaller gardens can often cope with a modest pond, water fountain or even just a bird bath.

Gardens are personal spaces and the jobs you choose to do will depend on how you enjoy your outside space. One thing’s for sure, though – any work you put in will offer plenty of reward when the summer comes around.


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