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How to choose a colour of door for your home?

Posted on June, 2019

There can be a tendency for people to neglect their front doors and to not give them the attention they deserve, but why? They are the first and last thing people see, so maybe it’s time to treat them well and make a statement with them. So let’s look at some off the emerging trends in the domestic door market.

Composite doors are far and away the most popular kind of door currently – selling as many as 5 times any other kind of door. But what is the difference between a composite door and a uPVC only door? Composite doors are made from a number of different materials which are pressed and glued together under high pressure conditions.The materials are selected specifically for their properties, and are put together to counteract flaws common in single-material doors.

Glevum’s composite doors combine high security, thermal efficiency and durability, with no twisting, warping or splitting as with timber doors, while still giving the traditional look of timber. They offer a variety of solid or wood effect finishes, an unrivalled range of door designs, 14 different colour options, decorative glazing, and a wide variety of door furniture to suit any style of property; you can be sure to find a style that can truly transform and enhance your home.

Whether you are looking for a brand new design or replacement door, our Glevum range has a door colour to suit all. From the vivid and traditional, contemporary and modern, pared-down pastel to tailored shades, expressing an inner craving for colour and getting it right can revamp the front of your home, add a personal touch to it, and even make or break a sale.

When it comes to choice of colour, we are now far from just a white door only nation. What better way to spruce up your mood, by adding colour to your home by choosing a brightly coloured front door? Well that’s what our consumers are seen to be commonly doing, with bolder more interesting colours dominating and contrasting with the colour of windows. We still see a range of traditional colours in the top 5, but there seems to be a greater demand for purple and blue, two bold front door colours. Blue is associated with a sense of calm and stability, whilst purple is associated with ambition and power, what better feelings to make a statement?

When making your decision about which colour of door, you may also want to consider other colours and shades that are prevalent on your property. Think about the bricks your property has, the existing windows and whether you have a lush green lawn at the front or a darker hard landscaped surface. Maybe even take into consideration the colour of plants provided these are going to remain a feature and not be dug up next Spring! Then a good starting point is to decide whether you want to blend in with the neighbours or make stand out. Going through this process can very much speed up the decision process or narrow down your selection to a handful of favourites.

If you are in any doubt about how much interest in the subject of doors, then just a look at Instagram and an account called @thedoorsofldn – at the time of writing this article it had nearly 68,000 followers.

And on a final note, one trend we are predicting for the rest of 2019? Well that has to be the darker shades of colour to continue to grow in popularity not only making a statement, but also to create a more dramatic effect.

Glevum have a wide choice of door colours, finishes and fixtures and fittings on display at their window and doors showroom just outside Newnham on Severn.

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