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Popular Home Improvement Trends in 2022 and 2023

Whilst some home improvements are popular year in, and year out, each period of time tends to have its own flavour or mix of what is popular at the time. Often influenced by what else is going on in the world. In this blog, we look at some of the home improvement trends in 2022 (and going into 2023) listed in no particular order.

Creating a home Gym

It is of little surprise that post COVID for many people there is a keener focus on health and wellbeing. This has sparked people to look to utilise any spare space in their home and create a home gym. Whilst the equipment may not be cheap, there are then no expensive gym fees and less of an excuse not to go.

Replacing old inefficient single-glazed or double-glazed windows

With spiralling energy costs and a reduction in the Government’s support given to households just around the corner – demand for a new replacement, energy-efficient UPVC doors and windows is still very strong. There is lots of evidence to suggest that homeowners are prioritising this over other areas of spend.

Getting a garden make-over

With countless TV shows showing how gardens can be transformed for a reasonable figure and in a matter of days, it is no great surprise that demand for garden makeovers is running at very high levels. The average amount spent on a garden makeover in 2022 was £6,622.

Giving the home added character by adding a coloured UPVC front door

An increasing number of homeowners are looking to add character to the front of their homes by opting for a coloured front door. In 2022 grey was the most popular, followed by black and then white.

Getting a conservatory or extension

Ever since COVID and people having to spend a prolonged period at home, there has been a massive demand for extra space. This momentum has been maintained as many are still working at least some of the week at home. People are deterred from moving because of the rise in the cost of mortgages making conservatories and extensions very popular.

Painting the home

A national survey conducted in 2022 found that 38% of people planned to improve their home last year by doing some painting. In the same survey 7% of people planned to create a home bar – cheers! There was also a growing trend amongst designers to choose various shades of green in 2022.

Giving their existing conservatory a new lease of life

In the early days of conservatories, many were built with polycarbonate roofs that can be noisy when it rains and are not very energy efficient. This is prompting many to think about a solid roof, a full replacement conservatory (everything apart from the bricks) or a glass replacement roof.

Colourful kitchen cabinets

White cabinets have had their day for many it would seem. Coloured kitchen cabinets were all the rage in 2022. This includes using black design accents such as black and darker-coloured cabinets. Some of the other colours on trend in 2022 were earthy greens, matt grey, baby or ocean blue and red. The coloured cabinet trend is expected to go on in 2023 with earth-inspired tones, happy yellows, warm greens and neutrals.

Do your home improvement plans include new windows and doors or a new conservatory? If so, you can contact the award-winning Glevum by visiting their website – or giving them a call on 0800 33 22 55.

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