Secondary Double Glazing

Glevum now offer a range of secondary double glazing options, ideal for properties where constraints are placed on the external aesthetics of a building (i.e. listed buildings).

Secondary double glazing does not impact the external aesthetics of a property, as it is a secondary window which fits on the inside of the current window frame and which offers a range of benefits from noise reduction to enhanced security.

Seondary Glazing

Benefits of Secondary Double Glazing:


Acoustic Performance: Secondary double glazing can significantly reduce noise due to its unique soundproofing capabilities. Sound is transmitted through the exterior window by a direct vibration of the glass. When secondary double glazing is installed, a cavity is created which helps reduce resonance, as well as providing an additional barrier for sound to travel through. Depending on the gap between the outer window and secondary glazing, will depend on the acoustic performance of the secondary glazing.

Energy Efficiency: By creating a secondary barrier, secondary glazing can help eliminate those annoying draughts, but most importantly reduce heat loss by creating an insulating layer of air between the outer window and the secondary double glazing.

Enhanced Security: For many properties windows are often viewed as the weak point when it comes to security. Due to the tough aluminium frame construction of our secondary double glazing (and the method to which they are securely fixed), makes them extremely difficult to open from the outside.

Condensation Control: Our secondary double glazing helps control condensation, as it provides a complete internal seal which balances ventilation within the window reveal cavities. This prevents the inner glass from becoming too cold, thus helping tackle the problem of condensation.


Secondary Double Glazing Styles:


Our secondary double glazing is available in a range of unobtrusive styles (and colours) to suit your property and allows easy access to your primary window for cleaning and maintenance.

Horizontal sliding: A heavy duty secondary double glazing sliding system. Provides easy access for cleaning and ventilation and is available in 2,3,4 and 5 sliding sashes (panels).

horizonal slider secondary glazing

Verticle Sliding: Designed especially for the secondary double glazing of sash windows. Spring balanced to support the weight of the sash in all positions and tilt-in versions available to allow each secondary sash to be independently released from the outer frame and pivoted inwards (allowing for easy cleaning).

Vertical Slider Secondary Glazing

Lift Out: A completely removable secondary double glazing option. Ideal for when you only need to access the outer window occasionally.

Lift Out Secondary Glazing

Hinged Casement: The most discreet of our secondary double glazing options. Features single handle operation and multi-point locking. Available with a side or base opening, there is also a tilt and turn facility to give full and easy access to the outer window.

hinged secondary glazing

Fixed Insert Panel:  The insert panel is the most economical of our secondary double glazing options. The insert panel is directly (and permanently) fixed to your existing outer window or door. Alternatively, the insert panel can be fitted with turnbuckle release to enable removal for cleaning and maintenance.

insert panel secondary glazing



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