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What do Tenants want from a rental property?

Having installed windows, doors and conservatories for many landlords, often when a tenant is living in the property, Glevum has a great insight into what tenants want from a rental property. The monthly rental for a property will mainly depend on the size of the property, salaries in the local area and the level of supply and demand. But ticking off as many items on a tenant’s wish-list can make a property easier to rent and increase the rent you can demand.

In this blog we list some of the most common features or characteristics that tenants look for in a rental property. The list may also prove useful as a guide for first time tenants of things to consider. So, listed in no particular order, here we go.

Distance to work and amenities. Whilst many people have adopted a hybrid way of working mixing working from home and their place of work, the pandemic has made us all conscious of time. This has helped make choosing a rental property close to work or amenities, such as shops and doctors a common factor.

Living space. For some it is the general sense of space, for others it is more down to the way that space is utilised, for example the number of bedrooms that they require. The amount of socialising space in the property can also be a key consideration with conservatories proving a popular way of creating more space.

How safe the area and property are. The internet has made the level of crime accessible to all, even showing a breakdown of the types of crime in any postcode. A rental property in an area that is well lit and overlooked can add to the sense of safety as can modern double-glazed doors and windows. Secured by Design (SBD) is a Police Approved Initiative that is designed to ensure window and door products achieve a high level of security – as standard, giving homeowners peace of mind. Part Q is a standard that is a similar requirement for New Build properties.

Car parking spaces or on street parking. For those who own a car the lack of a space on the property itself or in the road outside can be a deal breaker. For those who cycle, somewhere to store the bike and a good network of cycle paths can be a factor. Whilst for users of public transport good bus and rail links will influence their search greatly.

A present and responsive landlord. One thing that all tenants have in common is quite naturally wanting their property to feel like a home. It is understandable that they will want the peace of mind that a landlord will be contactable and respond to requests for urgent repairs to things like central heating.

Energy costs and other utilities. Whilst sometimes some utilities can be covered by rent, most will not be covered, and energy costs will certainly not be included. This means that the energy rating will be important not just for those who are passionate about the climate but for every tenant who doesn’t want too much of their discretionary spend being eaten up by energy costs. Key measures like modern energy efficient doors and windows can not only cut energy bills but also reduce external noise being heard indoors. Landlords can no longer rent properties with an energy rating of below E and there is every possibility that this requirement could get even tighter in the future.

Good neighbours and neighbourhood. Good or bad neighbours can make a big difference to the tenant’s experience. Many prospective tenants will visit a potential property at different times of the day and on different days to get a feel for the neighbours and neighbourhood.

Best of the outside and the inside. For some tenants particularly families, some outside space will be highly sought after. Whereas recent surveys have found certain interior features like an en-suite bathroom, a kitchen with high end appliances and even a gym proving popular.

We hope that you find this run through of what tenants want useful. If you are a tenant and you want your property to have new doors or windows installed, why not suggest your landlord gives Glevum a call on 0800 332255 or get them to visit Equally if you are a landlord we would be delighted to quote for your requirements.

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