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Your business needn’t overheat

Your business needn’t overheat

Gary Jones, Managing Director of Gloucestershire based home improvement and renewable energy business Glevum, takes a timely look at the “issues” that a prolonged hot spell can bring businesses and steps you can take to improve matters.

“Being British we love talking about the weather, but it doesn’t take too long before employees start to wilt in the workplace. A recent survey found that 27% of employees stating that they were not at their most effective if the workplace is too hot. Before Glevum Energy installed solar panels on our roof, I must admit to occasionally feeling a bit hot under the collar at the energy bills from the air conditioning use in hot spells.

“There is something quite fitting that at a time like this when my energy bills would have been at their highest, so is the performance of the panels. In fact we have been surprised at their performance all year round and they are well ahead of our payback projections”.

As a business that improves the energy efficiency of businesses and homes alike, Gary has put together a list of top tips for keeping cool in the workplace.


Consider replacing windows, not only are the latest windows much better at keeping heat in, they are also great at keeping heat out. If this isn’t an option consider applying window film to your existing windows.

Turn off your appliances
Leaving appliances such as printers and computers on standby can use up almost as much energy as when they are switched on and creates unnecessary heat.

Turn the lights out
Keeping lights off and blinds closed will ensure that your workplace is cooler.

Natural ventilation and free cooling
Open windows and doors to create through flow and allow warm air to escape. If possible open windows at night to allow warm air to leave the building. All of this is of course subject to security considerations.

Check your air con
If you do use conditioning make sure equipment it is energy efficient. Fit timers and sensors to pumps and fans so that they are not cooling the office when no one is there. When you do have it switched on, keep windows and doors closed.

Make sure there are a few degrees between the temperature that heating and air conditioning operate. E.g. set the heating to stop at 19°C and air-con to come on at 24°C.

Turn off vending machines
If you have a vending machine drinks don’t need to be chilled when employees are not at work.
Make use of water
Encourage employees to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, and have buckets of water in the office (health and safety permitting) – evaporation of these helps to cool the air.

Wear lightweight clothing
Time to relax the dress code? Wearing lightweight clothing, such as linen, will leave you feeling less overheated when exposed to high temperatures.

“Most of us are loving the weather we have been enjoying recently, but it does have its downside. Following some of these practical measures though can make it all more bearable”, concluded Gary.

For information about replacement windows or renewable energy solutions you can contact Glevum on 0800 332255.

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