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A customers’ guide for choosing your new windows

The process of choosing new windows can be a daunting one and for most of us it is only something that we will need to do a couple of times in our lifetime. In this blog we have created something of a Glevum guide which takes you through the steps for picking high-quality products which suit and transform your home and fill all your requirements!

Why might you need new windows?

The first step in the process is usually that something sparks the decision that it is time for you to look into new windows. Let us walk you through what are some of the most common reasons.

Windows are faulty

If your windows are old and starting to fail, then you may have trouble when using them. Windows which are difficult to open and close are not only frustrating and inconvenient, but more importantly can create vulnerability. It is vital to maximise security for you home and ensure the windows are not causing you any risk – Glevum windows have market-leading security features to leave you with peace of mind. Another tell tale sign might be what are commonly referred to as “blown” units where condensation appears within the double glazed units themselves.

Repair in some cases may be an option but you need to weigh any cost of repair up against all of the other benefits of replacements and the likelihood of further repairs being needed in the future.

Windows are worn and rotting

Signs of rot or warping on your windows is a big indicator that you need to replace them. Wooden window frames are particularly difficult to keep in a good condition as sadly, in the UK especially, rain is unavoidable. Damage to your windows by water can not only cause rot but can also create damp within your home. Glevum offer uPVC finishes which requires virtually no maintenance inside or out (no more painting or warping!) and are much more durable, energy efficient and secure.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills are quite often enough to prompt a window upgrade to a more energy efficient type – particularly in this day and age where more and more of us have smart metres. Concerns for the environment have understandably meant more and more people are looking to increase the energy efficiency of their homes, particularly by installing or replacing glazing and windows. Our uPVC and double and triple glazed windows will increase your home’s energy efficiency and will help to save you money on your bills – the windows we install include A+9 rated energy efficient ones, which is one of the highest levels available.

Windows aren’t draught proof

Draught can cause serious discomfort and inconvenience. Old, failing or poorly maintained windows can lead to cold air seeping into your home, not providing the comfort you desire and not being energy efficient. Installing windows professionally and with additional glazing features can help ensure your window glass is snugly fitted to your frame which will reduce outside noise, draughts and cold spots.

Style and design

Many of our customers choose to replace their old windows simply to improve the look and feel of their homes. The installation of new windows will often add value to your property. Homebuilding & Renovating identify the importance of replacing windows to add value on a property, especially to install double or triple glazing which they suggest is essential, and to install like-for-like styles if appropriate where possible. We offer a wide range of styles / finishes and are confident we will have the window to suit your property.

So, you have decided to replace your windows but what with?

With so many different windows to choose from, all of which provide a diverse range of benefits, an important next step in choosing them is having a clear idea of what key features you’d like your windows to have, including their aesthetics, materials etc.

Knowing your window options, including colours, glazing and accessories.

Windows make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your home and more importantly how you feel about the way your home looks.

Here at Glevum we offer uPVC windows in a range of glazing, finishes, colours, features and accessories. uPVC windows are a good choice for those looking for effective insulating performance for little hassle, at a reasonable price. You’ll receive the best results from your new windows, by selecting glass and frames which complement the style of your home, whilst also being functionally practical.

Glevum’s colour’s range from the classic White or Cream, to Woodgrain effect Rosewood, Rustic Cherry and Golden Oak, as well as a wide selection of contemporary solid colours such as blue, grey, red and black.

UPVC – the most popular option

Research suggests uPVC windows are the most popular choice, pretty much the default choice for UK homeowners – they are the most highly recommended material when fitting double or triple glazing. uPVC has heaps of benefits – the windows are virtually maintenance free; they include enhanced security features and are extremely energy efficient.

Glazing options

Double, triple and secondary glazing is available to ensure style, energy efficiency and security are accounted for. Frosted, patterned, Georgian, stained, toughened and leaded decorative glazing effects can be applied depending on the look and feel you are seeking for your home. These decorative effects can emphasise security and even add to the privacy of your homes.

Handles and Accessories

Installing our range of stylish and diverse window furniture and accessories, can not only finish off your installation with a unique and appropriate look for your home but also emphasise the security features to ensure quality is not missed. From pad handles to scroll handles, they come in 4 high quality finishes; chrome, gold, white and black, giving all our customers the option to choose a style to match their homes style.

Our team of design and installation consultants can assess your current situation and give their expert advice on which windows you should consider for the new installation.

You know what you want – now which firm to install?

You can choose the best possible windows, but if they are badly installed you still won’t be happy with the finished product. What factors should you consider? Here are just a few:

  • The company’s track record – how long has it been trading and how many homes has it improved.
  • The guarantee that the installation comes with.
  • Recommendations from others and testimonials.
  • The memberships, quality standards and accreditations that it adheres to.
  • National versus regional – we are biased of course but we would always favour the regional provider – not least because of the ease of accessing any after care and the act you are a name and not a number. Money spent with local firms also then tends to be re-invested in the local economy.
  • Value for money, the price you pay and what comes with it.

We could go on, but hopefully we have helped you make your mind up. Why not contact us via our website or call us for a free, no obligation quotation on 0800 332255.

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