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Everything to know about Glevum doors – including types, finishes and even security features.

Every home is different, so the way you choose to design your homes, from the colours you use to the furniture that work for you, reflects the personalities of those who live there. Choosing the right doors for your home largely comes down to pairing it with the style of your house or building. Our advice when choosing an external door, is to decide what will work well with your house and make sure you choose wisely when it comes to furniture features, security, glazing options and even styles!

For example, if your house is a modern new build, in most cases a modern and on trend style with bespoke furniture and a strong glazing option would suit your homes best.

So, lets begin with what the Glevum range includes:

We offer a variety of solid or wood effect finishes, an unrivalled range of door designs, 14 different colour options, decorative glazing, and a wide variety of door finishes to suit any style of property; you can be sure to find a style that can truly transform and enhance your home within the Glevum range. The product range consists of:

  • Front and back doors
  • French doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Glazed Doors
  • uPVC Panel Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • The Stable Door
  • The Door and a Half
  • The Twin Door


We offer a wide range of finishes on our doors to make them bespoke and personal to all of our customers. Some of our most popular finishes are white, anthracite grey and chartwell green, but we also offer a range of solid colours. These finishes can be chosen around your choice of glass design and even door furniture such as handles, letter plates, knobs and even knockers! These extra personal features can be chosen to suit your home and personal tastes, complimenting your homes and creating a bespoke and stylish final product. 

Glazing options

To give your home both a sense of added security and style, a Glevum supplied door comes with a host of glazing options. Frosted glass offers privacy, toughened glass offers security and patterned glass, leaded windows and even stained glass offer that extra detail to enhance your style choices. The same style does not need to be applied throughout your home – you could match your front and back doors, or even let the front door take all of the glory to stand out, allowing it to make that important first impression.

According to housing experts, the significant consequences through the installation of double or triple glazing on the doors you choose throughout your home, can add a 10% increase to your homes value.

Environmental and energy efficient

Up to 40% of home energy is lost through inefficient and outdated windows and doors. Not only do high quality, double and triple glazing windows and doors decrease the loss of energy from your home, but they are also an environmentally friendly solution and can reduce up to 28% of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. Our Glevum experts have discovered that over a 10-year period, a typical home with triple glazing on doors and windows could save up to £7,000 and 47 tons of CO₂.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, installing A++ rated double glazed windows and doors throughout your homes could save you around £85 per year off heating bills of a typical semi-detached home. You could even consider getting triple glazing rather than double glazing for further environmental and energy efficiency, which also includes the benefit of reducing sound from outside noise.

Security features

You can never take too many precautions to raise the level of safetiness in and around your home, especially now the darker nights are on there way. If you’re worried your doors lack of security, you can upgrade them with products that are known for their security features, to give you piece of mind.

Glevum offer doors which meet industry standards, and which come with a wide range of privacy glass options, thus ensuring you enjoy the best possible protection and peace of mind.

You can see some of the different doors we offer at our Window and Door showroom.

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